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Term of Use

Welcome to Please read these terms and conditions along with the privacy policy to ensure a bond with the site. These terms and conditions help you before submitting the content to the site for review.

1. Registration

Anyone can browse and see the content on without login in or signup. But to post content to the site registration of the user is required. You may need to select a User name and set a password for login in as a user who can upload content to the site (text, image, graphs, videos, articles, blogs, etc).

You are solely responsible for any misuse of your account on the site. will not be liable for your losses caused by any unauthorized use of your registered account on the site.

Make sure that the username chosen by you does not contain any type of offensive, vulgar or obscene.

2. Content

The registered user can post anything to the site related to the technology and gaming world. The user can write articles on its favorite topics, post images (upload). The user who is a contributor on the site must submit his/her post for review. The review of the post is done by any editor, author, owner. After the review, the post will be published on the site. After the publication of the post, the user who had written the post can edit the post anytime, but he/she will not be able to delete the post. The post written by the user can also be edited by any authorized author/editor or owner.

Content or post must have the proper data for the other unregistered user who is visiting the site for any information. Minimum content length 170 words. Must include the featured image.

If the user is using some type of media or content in its post from some other sources he/she must give proper credit to the source in the caption or mention it in the paragraphs.

3. Promotion

When we determined an active user who is writing on the site for a long time and has good writing and understanding skills. We might promote him/her as an author. Which may provide the user a better user control and accessibility of his/her content.

4. User content

By registering to you are complying with our user content policy. After a post written by the user is published on the site, the post will now be the property of the site ( And the user has no control to delete the post, he/she can only edit it further.